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About OpenFisheries

The project seeks to advance the practice of data science in fisheries. The project does this by consolidating global fisheries datasets through an open web platform and viewing this data through a lens of modern analytics. The project lead is Andrew Dyck.

The flagship project is the Global Fisheries REST API. Information about using the API is available on Github. Collaboration with the rOpenSci team has produced a package for the R programming language that makes the API accessible for educators and data scientists alike.


Fisheries economics & analysis

Economic impact analysis of global fishing trends. Consultancy has been engaged by NGOs, academia, and journalists.

Global landings API

This flagship product forms the backbone of fisheries data science, enabling analytics in R, Python or any other language.

OpenFisheries Lab

Collaboration with to bring open fisheries data into reproducible science using the R scientific programming language.

Open source

Fork and contribute to open source projects.


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